Category: Photo-Based

Showing a selection of work examining the material, perceptive or dimensional properties of the photograph.

Living Rooms install

Living Rooms

A cultural exchange residency in Graz, Austria photographing the homes of residents in stereo 3D, creating installation and projection to culminate.


Smugglers Cove

Stereo 3D line drawing incorporated with images from the archive of the Stereoscopic Society of GB.

Cut out collage still life

Still [Flat] Life

A still life print series working with prints of photographed objects cut out, re-staged and re-photographed.

Wet plate collodion photograph of girl in hoodie

Julia’s Ghosts

A series re-visiting the Victorian process of Wet Plate Collodion whilst on residency at the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust.

Contemporary photograph of girl in grass with mirror

Incidents and Arguments

A series that sandwiches the photographic image-space and the here-now between glass and mirror.


Re: Landscape

A print series where where pseudo-landscapes were composed with mirrors in situ.

Video still of Sky TV digital video art

Sky TV

Moving image utilising the sky in a universal post-sublime future of channel idents as content.