Category: Photo-Based

Showing a selection of work examining the material, perceptive or dimensional properties of the photograph as object.

Broken mirror artwork photographed

Interjections A-F

Using cracked mirrors, a print series examining the mirror’s form as photograph-as-object.

Mirror sculpture photographed by Ever Grainger


A print series presenting the mirror as a conceptual and material manifestation of the photograph as object.

Wet plate collodion photograph of girl in hoodie

Julia’s Ghosts

A series re-visiting the Victorian process of Wet Plate Collodion whilst on residency at the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust.

Contemporary photograph of girl in grass with mirror

Incidents and Arguments

A series that sandwiches the photographic image-space and the here-now between glass and mirror.


Re: Landscape

A print series where where pseudo-landscapes were composed with mirrors in situ.

Video still of Sky TV digital video art

Sky TV

Moving image utilising the sky in a universal post-sublime future of channel idents as content.