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Kinetic moving sculpture by artist Ever Grainger


Weather vane-based moving sculpture, welded and fabricated in stainless steel installed in groups of five and three, currently at Ever in a line.

Cairn sculpture of stone like tarmac lumps and filing trays by Ever Grainger


Cairns assembled in-situ of landslipped tarmac and eroded concrete ‘rocks’ worn smooth by the action of the sea

Hang Up metal sculpture by Ever Grainger


Steel hooks assembled with spot welding grow into three works that interact with vertical and horizontal surfaces…

Sculpture of a mirror cuts into a block of wood set in concrete

Trap and Release

Work exploring one material intervening with the other – entrapment within a modified sand and cement…

Kinetic sculpture, an art 'mobile mobile' by Ever Grainger

Terms and Conditions

A ‘mobile mobile’ where the location of the work can be shifted to track the location of the sun and passing air indoors

Garden sculpture of oak blocks and hinges

Four Plinths: Hinge & Block

An installation of four sets of oak sleeper blocks with hinges to provide composition variation in passing

Woman dressed in black holding a thatched sculpture in a garden

Thatch Works

Works referencing the peculiarity of a thatched church nearby the home-studio to make experimental objects for the studio-garden

Art installation of jelly moulds in a sea water cave

Blancmange by Day, Jelly by Night

At one of the lowest tides of the year, adapted glass jelly moulds were installed in the sea-water caves only accessible at low tide

Broken mirror artwork photographed

Interjections A-F

Using cracked mirrors, a print series examining the mirror’s form as photograph-as-object.