Above: 'Vessel II' detail

Vessel I

Silicone, 2020

22cm w x 22cm d x 9cm h

'Vessel I' was created in 2020 as an initial silicone-based interpretation of the traditional vessel form in craft and art history.

Here, a first layer of silicone was extruded tightly, and a second layer was overlaid, rhythmically coiling, snaking and interlinking to form the structural bonds that would keep the mass together. A foot or base was made in a similar manner. After curing for 4 weeks, the work was assembled.

The resultant vessel form is both bowl and its contents, conjuring and shifting between associations with bodily viscera and edible foodstuffs.


Vessel II

Silicone, 2022

30cm w x 30cm d x 15cm h

'Vessel II', uses a glossy baby-pink silicone to emphasise the visceral/edible references that the original Vessel evoked.

The overall form has higher sides and feet, drawing parallels with Chinese ceremonial bronze vessels. Around the upper rim, fingers of silicone protrude from the lattice work of loopholes and the feet underneath are softly coiled cones.

Intended for future possible casting in bronze or powder coated aluminium, its appearance providing a more emphatic reference model for resulting contrasting patinas or finishes in the edition.


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