The Smoothing

(Above) Detail 'The Smoothing (III).


'The Smoothing' is a series of canvases that take working with silicone into the formal territory of ‘painting’.

Various painting surfaces are prepared, with a second smaller one always selected for a pairing. Silicone is laid on the main canvas whilst it is horizontal and the second used as a ‘tool’ to press first down into and then drawn down along and off the bottom edge.

The already smooth extruded silicone is thus made smoother.

Once cured, both the main and second canvas are wall mounted, paired either above and below, or to the side.

The title ‘The Smoothing’ refers to the physical (soft) drama of the process played out, whilst also carrying references/counter references to the cult horror film ‘The Shining’.

The Smoothing (II)

Conservation grade silicone, conjoined linen canvases, acrylic varnish. 2022

30cm w x 7cm d x 50cm h




The Smoothing (III)

Premium grade silicone, acrylic painted cotton canvases,  2022

50cm w x 8cm d x 40cm h



The Smoothing (IV)

Conservation grade silicone, conjoined acrylic painted cotton canvases, acrylic varnish, 2022

50cm w x 5cm d x 40cm h




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