Nice Pairs

Above: A 'Nice Pair' (detail).


These are a series evolved from previous Edge Drop works where the pieces were cured 'unattached' and could be physically handled and placed on any shelf or furniture edge as small, moveable installations.

For these ‘Nice Pairs’, the shelf is provided in the shape of painted cedar-wood wedges mounted to walls, then doubled to form loose figurative references.

Nice Pair (Dirty Pink)


Premium grade silicone (cured unattached) painted cedar wood, 2023

32cm w x 11cm d x 22cm h

A pair of silicone forms in a dirty pink colourway, presented on a shallow pair of wall-mounted wedge-shelves, here painted a softer pink to match the walls. Unattached to the wedges and so can be re-arranged.


Nice Pair (Orange)


Premium grade silicone (cured unattached), cedar wood support shelves, 2022

24cm w x 15cm d x 22cm h

An unmatched pair of silicone edge drops in a vivid orange, presented on a pair of uplifting wall-mounted wedges. Can be handled and relocated to other shelves or furniture as impromptu installations.

The wedge supports can also be covered in wallpaper to create a more personal or site-specific installation.


Nice Pair (with Hips)


Conservation grade silicone (cured unattached) painted cedar wood shelves, 2022/23

36cm w x 28cm d x 76cm h including supports

A pair of silicone edge drops in two colours, dangling and drooping from wall-mounted wedges, also with dropped pieces caught on a wall mounted block (‘hips’).


All silicone is cured without adhesion so they can be re-located/installed in different locations or surfaces.