Nice Pairs

Above: A 'Nice Pair' (detail).

Nice Pair (Orange)


Premium grade silicone (cured unattached), cedar wood support shelves, 2022

24cm w x 15cm d x 22cm h

An unmatched pair of silicone edge drops in a vivid orange, presented on a pair of uplifting wall-mounted wedges.


Nice Pair (with Hips)


Conservation grade silicone (cured unattached) painted cedar wood shelves, 2022/23

36cm w x 28cm d x 76cm h

A pair dangling and drooping from wall-mounted wedges, optionally with dropped pieces caught on a wall mounted block below.


Nice Pair (Dirty Pink)


Premium grade silicone (cured unattached) painted cedar wood, 2023

32cm w x 11cm d x 22cm h

A pair in a dirty pink colourway, formed with constraints. Presented on a shallower, wider pair of wall-mounted wedges.