After (Party)

After (Party)

Conservation grade silicone, 2022

52cm w x 30cm d x 3cm h

A table-top sculpture made for casting in bronze, formed by drawing lines with silicone to interconnect a series of bottles and glasses of the type or tableau typically found at a party or exhibition opening.

The resultant abstract composition mixes looped and strung out silicone line-work with pressed round ‘coasters’, where each glass or bottle’s weight presses the silicone out from around each circumference.

Inspired in part from a history of attending crowded private views where wine glasses are inevitably placed perilously close to a sculpture or installation.

With the glasses and bottles removed, impressions are left of the undersides. The looping, coiling and bending silicone line-work an echo of the alcohol-tinted experience of the night. In bronze, the work would literally cast the scene. A twist on the shallow bas-relief; a contemporary ancient artefact.


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