A Royal Hat Trick and an Award

The third open submission exhibition success this year for institutions with 'Royal' in the name - a hat trick! This time with Royal West of England 169th Annual Open.

The work below 'Slabb: Grey', as photographed at the opening, is made from hand extruded conservation grade silicone and also includes wood and stone bases, plus a piece of glass held vertically between the two. The Slabb itself measures 15 x 5 x 13cm.

The RWA is as long established as the more well known Royal Academy of Arts in London, but located in Bristol city centre.

At the opening, I was pleased to hear it announced that I had been selected as the recipient of 'The Pangolin Digital Ltd Sculpture Award' a prize of the scanning of a work into digital 3D with the newer digital arm of the long established bronze foundry Pangolin Editions.

Work featured: Slabb: Grey

01 Oct 2022

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