About the work

In my work I blend a playful, explorative sculpture practice, with an interest in place and experience: from responses to natural and human-made landscapes, to built and social heritage. Underpinning this is an ongoing studio practice exploring the formal, material and sensory properties of sculpture.

I try to balance working with a intentional or conceptual process, with one that is more formative and instinct-led. I also like to make work that once complete, responds to touch: work that incorporates play, the haptic and phenomenal as an antidote to our screen based lives.

Although I work with a variety of materials and techniques, I often find myself working with multiple, repeating elements. A pavlovic echo perhaps, of the deeply encoded building blocks of natural/unnatural structures in our DNA. Within this framework, exchanges can be set up between any visual differences, random movements or changeability as the massed items take on a presence within their given space.

My photography-based work has formally explored the photograph as an object, examining both its perceptual and material condition. Work has tackled aspects such as surface and depth, looking and seeing, production and consumption. Photography’s role and sometimes conflicting influence in the making and dissemination of finished work, however, is still held in mind.