About the Work

Above: 'Slabb: Blue'

About the Work

My recent work has built on a long-standing interest in art histories and the entangled ramifications of the range of artists’ tools and materials at play: from the basic pencil to the recent advancements of 3D scanning and printing.

Since late 2019, I have been working with hand-extruded silicone using a simple extrusion or caulking gun, a basic 'analogue' tool chosen as a counter-response to the growing practice of devising of sculpture from scratch at a remove, within 3D modelling software.  

Perhaps operating instead like a human 3D printer, silicone is squeezed, squashed and drawn with, using freehand techniques that balance tool and material-led outcomes with intuition and control.

Overtly or covertly, the works although hand-made originals, can appear to be computer generated and in some cases are presumed to be 3D printed. To embrace this dichotomy further, progress is underway to make use of digital scanning technology of pre-existing silicone works, to then use 3D printing and CNC carving to make scaled versions in contrasting materials such as marble, wood and bronze in a further conversation with processes, materials and outcomes.

Above: 'Vessels (I)', conservation grade silicone