A pair of silicone draped ‘wings’ installed in Wells Cathedral for Wells Art Contemporary 2022…

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Edge Drops [small]

Singular instances of dropped silicone formed over edges, moveable for display on shelves, furniture edges…

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Play Things

A series allowing for multiple compositions, handling of artwork and extendable possibilities…

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Royal Jelly

An enamel painted jelly mould with a crown of whipped silicone foam and trimmed with lace…

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Tarmac and Worms

Ever Grainger sculpture installation

Installation of land-slipped pieces of tarmac collected from a local beach car park with interactions of silicone worms.

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Cairn sculpture of stone like tarmac lumps and filing trays by Ever Grainger

Currently on show at the RA Summer Exhibition – assembled from filing trays and land-slipped tarmac, eroded…

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Soft Rock Ensemble

Rounded flint beach rocks with holes are given jumpers and interconnected with coiled wire as a changeable and tactile artwork…

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Spilt Ilk

Spilt ilk thumbnail

A display of glass jugs filled with lime mortar held in place with elastic and wood wedges, installed on an old dresser…

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An installation made with jelly moulds, silicone, foam, plaster, dipped rubber, chalk stones, fishing line weights…

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