Kinetic sculpture of five stainless steel moving 'vanes' set in a garden.

Marine grade stainless steel, various finishes.



These vanes were initially created to respond to the particular vagaries of air and sun movement in the home studio-garden. A space with wind direction and strength deflectors such as fencing and trees. A project first devised to put newly acquired welding skills and kit to use on a permanent outdoor work.

As per weather vanes they all turn facing into the wind in a stronger breeze. In lighter breezes, they each react to air movements with surprising variety within the group. The surface finishes vary from satin brushed to mirror polished with white matt vinyl film discs. At differing times of the day and year, the mirror polished surfaces cast reflected hoops and dots around the garden.

Originally set in a group within a grass circle, but currently transplanted and installed in a line at Ever Garden. Another group of three with differing heights and lengths of cross stems have since been created to replace the original five.


Vanes in light winds and casting reflected hoops.

Vanes at Ever Garden in long grass and stronger winds, August 2019.

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