Tarmac and Worms sculpture close up

Category: Studio Practice

A number of works made from tarmac that was once part of the car park at a nearby beach. Unlike the sea-worn tarmac used in one of the Cairns, this tarmac is freshly slipped and has yet to be within reach of the sea. In anticipation, select pieces are given encounters with 'beach worms'.

Tarmac from the bay car park eroding/slipping towards the beach (Compton Bay, Isle of Wight).


Landslipped tarmac, silicone, 15cm(w) x 12cm (d) x 8cm(h), 2020


Landslipped tarmac, silicone, 18cm(w) x 19cm(d) x 13cm(h), 2020


Landslipped tarmac, silicone, 32cm(w) x 28cm(d) x 12cm(h), 2020


Landslipped tarmac, silicone, 16cm(w) x 12cm(d) x 7cm(h), 2020

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