Spilt Ilk

1940s kitchen dresser, cast glass jugs, lime mortar mix, elastic, oak wedges, 2020-21

The idea for this work evolved after the initial period of conservation work on the inside cottage walls at Ever Garden had been completed. The cement render had been removed and any deteriorated chalk replaced. The joints were repointed with traditional lime mortar, which was mixed at the time in a large circle on the floor.

Some months later in the workshop, a set of glass jugs which had been collected over time, were chosen to hold a fresh mix of left-over hydraulic lime mortar.

When wet, the mix resembled custard or semolina and if mixed vigorously before pouring it set to form a semi-glazed crust. Allowing the mix to set whilst at an angle meant there would be a visible reminder of the material’s change of state from liquid to solid.

The act of propping the jugs in the process was then echoed at the installation stage with wedges of oak. Plush-backed elastic and retaining brackets were then added as final elements to allow the jugs to engage with the physical space of the shelves and its prior use as an area of display.

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