Soft Rock Ensemble

Ever Grainger artwork of knitted soft sculpture over round beach pebbles

Media: Rounded flint stones with holes, jumpers, socks, coiled wire.


This work is a development from earlier experiments in 2017 assembling this type of beach stone into variable compositions, set on a base of playground rubber matting to protect surfaces from the impact and clatter of the stones as they are moved around.

Working inside the cottage at Ever Garden, I evolved the work to explore a contrast of the hardness and coolness of the rocks that can be still felt through a layer or in some cases many layers of the soft knitted coverings.

Located on a dresser in the same room as Bored, Ironing, the work expands to also make associations with the routines of washing, mending and ironing the clothing of the occupants within the home.

With any onging Covid precautions in place, visitors are allowed to handle the work.

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