Floof sculpture made from wool, hinges and knobs

Starter exploratory works investigating both a tactile, intuitive making process and a potential hands on engagement for others. Sometimes one-offs, sometimes developed further.

Category: Studio Practice



Stainless steel, rubber handles, oak, cotton and polyester knitting wool pom-poms.

48cm(h) x 22cm(w) x 14cm(d)


This work started life as a test block of oak for differing oil and varnish finishes. Steel tube was later inserted into each of the tinted segments and given antenna-like flexible dipped-rubber tips. Half-poppoms were made and added as tuning dials.

Dangle Iron


Aluminium handle, cleaved and sawn block of Macrocarpa wood, ball castors, ball chain, rubber cat toys.

33cm(h) x 17cm(w) x 12cm(d)


A work evoled from the initial addition of a handle to this found block of interestingly shaped wood. The ball castors underneath allow the work to be pushed about like an iron, only to be confounded by the dangling rubber balls.

Since incorporated in the work ‘Bored, Ironing

Burr Anima


Burr oak, drilled with burr drill bits, white paint.

45mm(h) x 14cm(w) x 28cm(d)


A piece of burr oak - the name for a type of grain formed within the bulges often seen on the trunks of oaks. Holes were drilled with burr drill bits, the spacing of which allows fingers to settle into when rested on top.

Without the hand in place, the holes appear like a cat's paw print, the knots a leopard's skin.

Drilling as an assistive technique is further explored in the works ‘Bored, Ironing’, 'Paused', and Cheese from Chalk.

Do Overs


Stainless steel wire, beach rocks with natural holes, rubber playground matting.

14cm(w) x 14cm(d)


Small adaptable combinations that can be reshaped into new compositions ad hoc. As they are handled, the wire springs and rebounds and the rocks shift about in relation to the tethering through their holes. The playground matting forming both a base and a countering effect to the moving about of the hard beach pebbles.



Stainless steel hinge & rods, nylon cupboard handles, 70 metres Polyester-Lurex, 60 metres Polyester Katia Polar.

40cm(h) x 30cm(w) x 25cm(d) variable


Based around a central hinge, soft synthetic wool is balled together and struggles to support heavy legs that flop and sprawl. Knobs at the end suggest that manouverability or a functionality is provided, but nothing is particularly achieved.

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