Category: Studio Practice

Showing standalone work made in the studio, sometimes developed further for installation.

Hang Up metal sculpture by Ever Grainger


Steel hooks assembled with spot welding grow into three works that interact with vertical and horizontal surfaces…

Cairn sculpture of stone like tarmac lumps and filing trays by Ever Grainger


Cairns assembled in-situ of landslipped tarmac and eroded concrete ‘rocks’ worn smooth by the action of the sea

Sculpture of a mirror cuts into a block of wood set in concrete

Trap and Release

Work exploring one material intervening with the other – entrapment within a modified sand and cement…

Living Rooms install

Living Rooms

A cultural exchange residency in Graz, Austria photographing the homes of residents in stereo 3D, creating an installation and projection to culminate.


Smugglers Cove

Stereo 3D line drawing incorporated with images from the archive of the Stereoscopic Society of GB.

Cut out collage still life

Still [Flat] Life

A still life print series working with prints of photographed objects cut out, re-staged and re-photographed.

Sculpture of a chair in rubber with teats by Ever Grainger

Early Sculpture

Early sculpture made exploring creating forms related to a given space and sculpture as physical encounter.