Category: Studio Practice

Showing standalone work made in the studio, sometimes developed further for installation.

Ever Grainger sculpture installation

Tarmac and Worms

Installation of land-slipped pieces of tarmac collected from a local beach car park with interactions of silicone worms.


Bored, Ironing

An ‘ironing board’ expanding on and incorporating the work ‘Dangle Iron’, allowing for visitor handling.

Shrine exhibition install


A set of seven stones made into pauses during lockdown. Installed in a ‘shrine’ display temporarily covering a fireplace…

Art by Ever Grainger 'Soft Rock Ensemble 2021

Soft Rock Ensemble

Rounded flint beach rocks with holes are given jumpers and interconnected with coiled wire as a changeable and tactile artwork…



Made in response to the past use of concrete in the cottage at Ever Garden. Returning some of the cement recently removed during conservation…


Burr Anima

Burr oak drilled with burr drill bits to create a hand rest with holes for finger tips to rest in (in this case, mine)…


Rocking Rocks

Rounded flint balanced with sections of mirror glass to generate sound patterns on various surfaces..

Kinetic sculpture, an art 'mobile mobile' by Ever Grainger

Terms and Conditions

A ‘mobile mobile’ where the location of the work can be shifted to track the location of the sun and passing air indoors


Composition: F Minor/G Sharp

A wall based work made by deconstructing one of a pair of custom frames and inserting it inside another as a changeable composition…