Process: Squashing

A category of works that primarily explore squashing processes and various studio-developed techniques as secondary processes after silicone has been hand extruded.

A strand of exploration that refers to the material's use in the art world for mould-making as an ideal route to arrive at the perfect imprint of an object for its reproduction.

Compression impression: The works in the Slabbs series were originally trialled in Dec 2020. The impulse of containing the writhing loops and coils has resulted in a series of densley massed sculptures that feature several flattened surfaces from the compressing action of squeezing in with flat side 'formers'.

The dialogue with surfaces has since been explored further with the use of blocks of glass permanently adhered to the silicone, captured at the point of pressing and squashing and near optimum contact. The block's transparency allowing for the flattened surface to be revealed, yet presented for display 'under glass'.



Squeezed and squeezed again…


After (Party)

Drunk drawing…


Glass Weighs

Glass blocks weigh and press down…