Category: Work - Site-specific

Showing sculpture were a work was made from the outset relating in varying degrees to a historic, social or material context - usually of a specific place.

Cropped image of Meccano sculpture

Meccano for Girls

Sculpture made with giant Meccano-like pieces devised to support Hollyocks in the pink border at Ever Garden.

Stone sculpture Pause with hand


A set of nine stones being made into pauses during lockdown. Sea-worn rocks collected locally some time ago, now with ellipses…

Cement sculpture with glass lid encased, held with two hands


Made in response to the past use of concrete in the cottage at Ever Garden. Returning some of the cement recently removed during conservation…

Cheese from Chalk stone sculpture

Cheese from Chalk

Cheeses made from leftover pieces of chalk stone from the conservation repairs to the walls inside the cottage at Ever Garden.

Garden sculpture The Quiverin at Ever Sculpture Garden

The Quiverin

Devised from ‘the ground up’ with Corten landscape edging offcuts and threaded bar, installed in the newly finished area to the rear at Ever Garden.

Bored Ironing sculpture inside at Ever Sculpture Garden

Bored, Ironing

An ‘ironing board’ for the ground floor interior at Ever Garden, expanding on and incorporating the work ‘Dangle Iron’.

Forks artwork at Ever Sculpture Garden

Forks Lift

Garden forks holding a rambling rose aloft at Ever Garden will gradually be whittled away as their rusting surfaces reduce over the years.

Cairn sculpture of stone like tarmac lumps and filing trays by Ever Grainger


Cairns assembled in-situ of landslipped tarmac and eroded concrete ‘rocks’ worn smooth by the action of the sea

Garden sculpture of oak blocks and hinges

Four Plinths: Hinge & Block

An installation of four sets of oak sleeper blocks with hinges to provide composition variation in passing