Category: Ever Yours

Showing selected works available to collect. Work here to date will also be featured in the forthcoming 'First Ever Catalogue' - a signed copy included with all purchases. These works are currently available to view in the Annexe Gallery at Ever Garden during regular open days or after season close (end Sept 21) by appointment. Please get in touch with any enquiries.

Cave Jelly – Red

One off made from a vintage jelly mould with a crown of whipped silicone foam and trimmed with lace…


Rocking Rocks

Rounded flint balanced with sections of mirror glass to generate sound patterns on various surfaces..


Burr Anima

Burr oak drilled with burr drill bits to create a hand rest with holes for finger tips to rest in (in this case, mine)…

Kinetic sculpture, an art 'mobile mobile' by Ever Grainger

Terms and Conditions

A ‘mobile mobile’ where the location of the work can be shifted to track the location of the sun and passing air indoors


Composition: F Minor/G Sharp

A wall based work made by deconstructing one of a pair of custom frames and inserting it inside another as a changeable composition…

Hang Up metal sculpture by Ever Grainger


Steel hooks assembled with spot welding grow into three works that interact with vertical and horizontal surfaces…



Cairns assembled in-situ of landslipped tarmac and eroded concrete ‘rocks’ worn smooth by the action of the sea

Sculpture of a mirror cuts into a block of wood set in concrete

Trap and Release

Work exploring one material intervening with the other – entrapment within a modified sand and cement…