Rocking Rocks

Sea-worn flint, mirror shards (edges made safe), optional wood bases, 2017
Various sizes.

These rocks are rounded flint stones that, after falling out of the chalk cliffs, are rounded by the sea over time. The ones here found at Freshwater Bay where about 3% of the pebbles carry dimples or through holes.

The rocks have been carefully paired with sections of mirror, the size and weight of which is balanced so that when the rocks are rocked, they rock gently back and forth. The sound each rock makes is unique and setting off several, can form sound patterns and rhythms that can be quite satisfying or soothing. Changing the rocks to different surfaces, alters the sound they make.

A set of three on a wood base (image below) are available to view in the Annexe Gallery at Ever Garden until the end of September or by appointment. This work will be featured in the forthcoming 'First Ever Catalogue'.

Please enquire for pricing or further information.

Three Rocking Rocks artwork on wood
A selection of Rocking Rock sculptures on a table

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