Over You (Edge Drop No. 6)

Premium grade glossy baby pink silicone (cured unattached), 10 x 10 x 11cm, 2023



Just for you or someone else in your life, a Valentine's edition of 10 (the one here is no 10), each one is hand made and unique.

Includes "... over you" notelet to add your twist at the beginning if you wish, eg. I'm gooey over you, I'm never over you, I'm so over you, (this can be typed and printed on the notelet - just add a message at checkout), a signed certificate of authenticity, gift box as pictured and UK p&p.


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The work can be picked up and placed on any furniture edge as a mini art installation.

Reasonable care should be taken when handling, the silicone is rubbery and soft but not impervious to being cut or torn. Absolutely not recommended for handling by children or pets!

As with most artworks, keep out of direct sunlight and away from intense heat and damp situations. Any accumulated dirt from handling or dust over time can be removed by gently washing in mild soapy water and allowing to air dry.

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