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Media: Stainless steel strut channel, bespoke brackets and plates, Hollyhocks.



This work was devised with the starting point of an old advert in a Picture Post found under the carpet inside the cottage at Ever Garden. It was for Meccano - 'Engineering for Boys'. Challenge accepted. Having never had any as a child, an old set was bought to experiment with and tower forms constructed with a scaled-up use in mind in the pink-based island border outside.

Still a work in progress, foundations are in and to-date a test tower has been formed supporting the newly planted salmon-pink Hollyhocks. The plates are intended to be pink, hopefully possible before opening in Spring 21.

The Making Process

The core contruction elements of Meccano were studied, judging the required sections and amount of fastenings and bracings needed to make a self-supporting structure.

A search began for any existing large-scale lengths with holes that could be used for the struts. A strong and sufficiently rigid channel strut used for cable and lighting rigs was found.

Plates and brackets were then drawn up that would fix and interlock with them. The laser cutting, welding, and the cutting and finishing of the channel strut sections has now been done in the workshop.

For the opening, there will be three towers in place and the plates will be pink.

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