Three sculptures of old glass lids encased in concrete

Category: Site-specific

Media: Solid concrete cast-encasing various found clear, cast glass lids.


Made during lockdown. A long held couple of cast glass lids, found over time in charity shops locally, combined with one found in a cupboard at the cottage at Ever Garden are sealed and permanently encased in a solid mix of sand and cement. The round forms that held the liquid concrete pour were everyday studio mixing buckets.

The glassware in use here, a relic of domestic, essentially female home-making, are from times when decorative cast glass was mass-produced as an affordable alternative to cut glass.

Put together for installing inside the cottage at Ever Garden. They have been made partly in response to the prior use of concrete for the floors and wall renderings - its use dating from 1900 on. Concrete is inappropriate from a conservation point of view as it does not allow the walls or floor to breathe, causing the chalk stone behind to breakdown.

The title refers both to the material entrapment and the circumstances of its making.

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