Four Plinths: Hinge & Block

Four Plinths: Hinge & Block sculptures

Oak, various finishes, stainless steel hinges.


A series developed for the ‘four empty plinths’ created in the home studio-garden’s black border, using the same oak wood that forms the framework of black border and the plinth bases themselves.

Splits and fissures have been exaggerated by inking in with black paint, the paint also appearing as solid fills on random faces of several of the blocks. Most surfaces have been planed, sanded square and smoothed again after weathering for a couple of seasons.

Various preserving and anti-weathering treatments have been applied per block depending on the colour and tone of each newly revealed surface after sanding back.

The blocks were assembled in situ, devising assemblies that would make interconnections between the blocks and the use value of the hinges, to both imply the potential of movement when viewing passively and allow for a hands-on adjustment for attaining variation in passing.

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