Ever Garden

Wide image of Meccano sculpture installed in garden

Ever a Work in Progress

Ever Garden is a place created for the ongoing installation of selected past, current and future work, both inside and in the surrounding garden of a listed 18th century cottage in Brighstone village, Isle of Wight.

The cottage was purchased in May 2018 and used as a development space whilst conservation and landscaping was being progressed. In September 2019, full planning permission with listed building consent was granted for its official change of use from ‘residential’ to a ‘sculpture, art and heritage space open to the public’. The intention is achieve sustainability by opening on regular days of the week from late Spring 2021.

Sculpture for Ever

The ongoing aim is to produce sculpture carefully integrated with the cottage and garden to provide an enhanced experience of both.

Some works are created to be shown on a short term basis, others are more permanent and made over time in direct response to the cottage, its garden, built materials and social history.

Much has been created to date, with more underway in time for the opening. Once open, work will continue to evolve and be added or changed providing different experiences over time.

Featured work created for Ever Garden to-date can be found in more detail in the menu under Work - Place-Related.

Built and Social History

Over the previous 100 years, the cottage had been in the Trickett family. It was last lived in by Lucy Trickett who worked as a caretaker at the school nearby. At the point of purchase, there had been little changed inside in the last 40 years.

As part of the renovation work inside, the concrete rendering over the chalk-stone walls has largely now been removed and repointed with lime mortar to conserve and reveal the original built construction dating back to the 18th century or earlier.

An amount of original furniture has keen kept including the dressers made by Lucy's brother Archie Trickett. Archie's later went on to build a wood framed-chalet for himself and his bride Betty, and later changed the cottage roof from thatch to clay-peg tiles.

The village of Brighstone has a number of other listed cottages at its centre and a visit can also encompass calling into the thatched newsagent and coffee shop and the row of National Trust cottages housing a card and gift shop, the library and village museum.


The Garden at Ever

Outside, the garden has been both a domestic pleasure garden and at one time almost wholly turned over to fruit and vegetables by Archie Trickett. Complete with a windmill for circulating grey waste water built from recycled stainless steel sinks in the drought of 1976. The windmill stands in the adjacent chalet's garden still turning smoothly, but alas not pumping water.

Hard landscaping work has now created accessible, all weather pathways around several garden ‘zones’ on all four sides of the cottage. The main flowering borders in front of the cottage have been kept and a more contemporary ‘courtyard’ area to the rear has been formed in the area that once housed chickens.

Planting is evolving as work is developed to be integrated with it. Plant selection mixes traditional cottage garden plants with more modern day ones - including the more drought tolerant.

When Ever?

Ever Garden was due to open in 2020, but due to Coronavirus is now planned to open late Spring 2021 on set regular days of the week (Covid allowing).

Planning Your Visit

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