Ever Garden


A renovation project/project space between May 2018 - end summer 2022. An 18th century cottage and its garden located in the same village as the workshop. In need of major conservation work, it also however had a longstanding social and built history that made it the perfect space to create works in response. Guest artists were invited to make or install works for the second season in 22. Open to the public for the main tourist seasons 2021 & 22.

Selected works & installations

1. Interior view showing the installations 'Tarmac and Worms' and 'Cave'.

2. Detail of the installation made using landslipped tarmac and silicone.

3. 'Meccano for Girls'. Three towers set in a pink border outside, prompted by the discovery of an old advert inside for "Meccano - Engineering for Boys".

4. Detail of the installation 'Cave' made using jelly moulds, silicone, lace, foam, fishing line and weights, chalk stone and silicone rubber handles.

5. 'Pet This' tactile house dog constructed from sea-worn ash, silicone, wool, felt.

6. Detail of 'Spilt Ilk' - old jugs filled with lime mortar left over from the renovation period, suspended and supported with lace elastic, brackets and oak wedges.

7. 'Bored, Ironing' - referencing the domestic history of the cottage.

8. 'Dangle Iron' - detail.


Guest artists

1. Lisa Traxler's 'Disruptive Light Apparatus' laser cut recycled paper-resin composite, 2020.

2. Kathy Williams ink colour drops on vinyl decals, 2022.

3. Ken Prust, acrylic plaster, uv resin and recycled plastic 'Fisxa' 2022.

4. Steve Baxter, 'Slip' oak contstruction, 2022

5. Lisa Heath, smallest artwork hidden in a nook, 'Reflections' silver and crocheted cotton thread, 2021.

6. Babs Gowan, 'Earthworks 6', made for the green kitchen dresser.


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