Edge Drops

(Above) Edge Drop No.4


Working with professional grade silicone, freehand extruded with a silicone gun, 'drawn' and formed over pre-prepared edges and cured unattached. Moveable/re-positionable for installation on a variety of shelves, plinths, situations. In order of recency:

Edge Drop No.5 (Drape)

Conservation grade silicone, cured unattached, 2022

16cm w x 20cm d x 11cm h

Extending the depth back from the edge, forming more of a drape than a drop.

Edge Drop No.4

Neutral, inert silicone, cured unattached, 2022

28cm w x 9cm d x 16cm h

Taking the drop wider and larger, with various possibilities for placement on existing shelves and furniture.

Edge Drops Nos.1-3


Conservation grade silicone (cured unattached), Perspex acrylic, ply, acrylic paint, uv varnish, 2021-22

Smaller forms experimenting with the drop as a drawn singular instance. Presented on perspex display stands, themselves displayed on purpose built standing shelves.

The edge drop itself is moveable and can be placed on other edges/surfaces.

Left to right 1, 2, 3. No. 3 was auctioned to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees in early March 22.

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