Category: Studio Practice

Sculpture produced whilst studying BA Hons Fine Art, Birmingham UCE 2000-2003.



Mild steel, hardwood, castors.

2.7m(h) x 1.2m(w) x 0.8m(d)


After being given one of several cubicle studio spaces to work within for the duration, students began a period of demarcating territory, screening and securing items of property. A work was devised that would enable myself and any visitors to elevate themselves and see over and across the spaces. Starting with a simple chair mounted to the partition wall and a ladder - the chair does the 'looking', the ladder, the 'pointing'. A combined hybrid was devised in maquette form and made full size in box steel.


Ramp Up


Ply, castors.

2.2m(h) x 1.3m(w) x 2.7m(d) overall


Another work responding to the given cubicle space. This time the approach and threshold of the space was addressed. A series of ramps were devised that could stack over time to make a variety of experiences for people when entering the space. These would change from mild adjustment of angle stepping over, to crawling up and over and sliding off again. The final ramp when added to the stack would however block the entrance or exit completely.

Given the large scale, only one ramp section was made full scale, and given castors for maneuverability.



Stripped down armchair, latex rubber, silicone rubber baby bottle teats.


A piece of burr oak - showing a patternation in the wood grain formed by small knots from dormant buds. Holes were drilled with burr dril bits, the spacing of which allows fingers to settle into when rested on top.

Without the hand in place, the holes appear like a cat's paw print, the knots a leopard's skin.

Drilling as a technique is further explored in the works ‘Bored, Ironing’, 'Paused', and Cheese from Chalk.


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