Composition: F Minor/G Sharp

Pair of artist designed custom frames (Sepele wood, mirror fillets), hinges, 2017

w50 x h40 x d10cm 

This work deconstructs one of a pair of custom frames I had previously devised when exhibiting photograph-based work and re-frames it inside the other, to make the frame the object of attention. The addition of hinges allows the pieces to be re-arranged by folding and overlapping. 

It marks the transition from working with photography to returning towards a more formal sculptural one. It is also one of several works at the time where I was exploring interaction, movement and changeability.

Available to view in the Annexe Gallery at Ever Garden until the end of September or by appointment. This work will be featured in the forthcoming 'First Ever Catalogue', a signed copy will be included.

Please enquire for pricing or further information.

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