Cave Jelly – Red

Vintage glass jelly mould, enamel paint, specialist silicone, lace, hardwood base, 2021

w20 x d15 x h23cm

A unique one-off version of the jelly sculptures made for the ‘Cave’ installation inside the cottage at Ever Garden. 

Coated with a saturated oven baked red enamel compared to the contrasting pink and red of the ones made for the install. Secured onto a hard wood base.

Part creature, part plant, part dinner, part dessert. Presented on its own merit, this jelly boldly shows off a crown of whipped-cream rubber-foam atop its glowing heart, 

Available to view in the Annexe Gallery at Ever Garden until the end of September or by appointment. This work will be featured in the forthcoming 'First Ever Catalogue', a signed copy will be included.

Please enquire for pricing or further information.

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