Above: 'Cave' detail.


Installation of glass jelly moulds, silicone, enamel paint, stainless steel armatures, dipped rubber, foam, Jesmonite, wire, lace, fishing line weights, chalk stones, led lighting, 2021

This grotto-like installation was created for display between 2021-22 inside the cottage at Ever Garden in an area under some built in shelving that had been improved by the removal of concrete render and the repair of the pointing with lime mortar. Nonetheless, the area still resembled a cave, especially with several large left-over chunks of chalk stone stored there for a while.

In 2016, 30 old glass jelly moulds that I had collected, were internally coated with red and pink enamel paint, fitted with solar charged LED lights and flash installed in the tidal chalk caves at Freshwater Bay, IOW (see last two slides). Face down, they appeared as glowing sea anemones and changed colour from pink to red when lit. For 2021, several of the jelly moulds were developed, sat upturned, utilising a white matt, conservation grade silicone to reach upward and dressed with lace trim.

An assortment of collected materials and some previous studio developed elements were then built up to form the installation as a whole, from plaster dipped hardened foam and fishing-weighted lace trim hanging from the underside of the shelves, to upward pointing angular metal rods tipped with rubber grips.

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