Burr Anima

Burr oak (28 x 16 x 6cm), finger holes, paired with signed A4 archival C-Type print (ed 1),  2018-2012

For this piece of burr oak, I thought of taking some burr drill bits (a different use of the word) and drilling holes with them using my pillar drill. With the holes placed apart just right, they allow my fingers to settle into the wood when my hand rests on top. A tactile and direct way of engaging with the materiality of the artwork and part of a series of work made at the time that includes ‘Dangle Iron’ (Bored Ironing) and ‘Attune’.

Without my hand in place, the holes appear like a cat's paw print - the patterning of knots, a leopard's skin. Small, white painted inset holes were added, referencing claw tips.

Over the same period I began to photograph my own hands engaging with various works and these are now paired as signed archival c-type prints, for either framed display or archived documentation.

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